Monstfur Rudeal Realm

We cordially invite you to join us and the artists Monstfur to celebrate the opening of the show Rudeal Realm.

The exhibition is hosted by the andel’s Łódź and Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG, as part of the project ANDEL’S PRESENTS.

Opening on Thu, 24th November 2016TIRES 5...65 90x50
Duration 25.11-16.12.2016

The exhibition RUDERAL REALM presents the latest series of paintings, in which Monstfur explores the subject of the world altered by human
activity, where the invasive flora struggles with man’s interference. Concrete ruins, rusty fences, landfills with all kinds of rubbish are juxtaposed with various plants – the ones which are prickling, toxic, or resistant to harsh environmental conditions. The fight is such a commonplace phenomenon on the arena of urban space as to become invisible to its inhabitants. Changing the scale and context makes it perceptible to the human eye. The aesthetic layer shows the means of expression known from Monstfur’s previous works, such as metal bases, screwed-on fragments of steel plates, or of course the multi-layered, hand-cut stencil.

MONSTFUR is an organism living in the field of art which feeds on the remains of the previous era and pop culture products. It creates its art from hand-cut templates on rusty metal sheets, old bulletin boards, walls, as well as on canvas. The works of the collective have been featured at prestigious art fairs, including at the STROKE ART FAIR MUNICH, where you can also find works of BANKSY and MR BRAINWASH. In 2015 Monstfur was awarded the Grand Prix in the STENCIL ART PRIZE competition organized by the Ambush Gallery in Sydney (92 participants from 21 countries got to the final). Monstfur’s works have been presented at solo and group shows in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Sydney, and Warsaw.

Media Partners:, Kalejdoskop, TVP3 Łódź, Radio Łódź