Michał Sobczak World Magic Moments – America!

We cordially invite to enjoy the second unveiling of the WORLD’S MAGIC MOMENTS project, that is the exhibition of photographies by Michał Sobczak, called ‘America’, organised by Warimpex and Hotel andel’s Łódź by Vienna House Łódź, as part of the ANDEL’S PHOTO series.

Vernissage: 28.01.1017 (Saturday), 6:30 P.M.
Exhibition: 29.01. – 03.03.2017


Let us imagine pre-Columbian America unspoilt by the “white man’s”civilization, the land of an unimaginable beauty. Periods, in which the westernAntelope Canyon (1 of 1) coasts of America, bathed by the Pacific Ocean waves, were overgrown by the oldest and greatest trees on Earth – giant sequoias. The ages, when great plains in that area reverberated with the hollow sound made by running herds of bison, and the peoples of pre-Indians Anasazi settled the canyons of today’s Arizona.
Let us imagine times, when the time itself was a mystery. It constituted the sacred force of nature, and the cycles of the seasons returned and departed like migratory birds. At night the stars looked over the North American continent, indeed completely different from that of today. Glittering above people’s heads they were somewhat a mirror image of twinkling bonfires; out of the darkness there came sounds of dogs barking and children screaming. On the prairies and coasts, in canyons and woods, the prehistoric peoples of North America led surprisingly rich and complex life.Those people developed over three hundred various languages. They bred dogs and cats, but they did not keep horses. They could light a fire, though they did not know the wheel. They had bows and arrows, but they did not know the gunpowder. They built cities the same size as London, paved new trade routs thousands kilometres long. They would spun stories without knowing the writing, they had the physicians, but could do without lawyers.
To such America the author of the exhibition ‘World’s Magic Moments – America!’ would like to take us. The exhibition itself is an attempt to present the grace of those beautiful long past days. You will have here an opportunity to look at the biggest and oldest trees on Earth, the age of which reaches two thousand years, and which remember Indians who used to hunt among them for wapiti (a species of deer). Today, when following the same paths in a dark wood, between tremendous trees, and in an undisturbed by any singing birds silence, one has the impression of communing with the world of the redskin warriors of the periods gone by. Interestingly – from the world’s smallest cones grow the biggest and oldest trees on Earth – redwoods. (Redwood National Park)
The viewers will be able to wedge themselves into the crack in the Navajo sandstone in Arizona, where, below the rocks, due to the process of carving by rushing streams of the rains in those areas, there emerge amazing, even fantastic rock formations of a surprising colouring. (Antelope Canyon)
Finally, anyone willing to, will see the oldest in Northern America dug into the rock abodes of Indians – Anasazi People, who 200 years B.C. grew maize at the bottom of great canyons (Canyon de Chelly). ‘When crossing the Navajo Indian Reservation in the area inhabited by Hopi People, the oldest, most mysterious, mystical tribe of America – I lost my way and spent the night somewhere on the plateau. The Indian I met in the morning, and whom I invited to have a cup of tea, showed me the way to the place, in which some tribal ceremony of the Hopi took place. I was incredibly lucky to experience it as the only white man, and, what is more, I also got the permission to take pictures.’- says the author of the photographs. (Navajo Indian Reservation)
At the exhibition one will be also able to find images of the immeasurable, washed by the waves of the Pacific Ocean, rocky eastern coast of today’s State of Oregon, see the bamboo forest in Hawaii…

During the vernissage you will also have the opportunity to listen to the sounds of the Native American Flutes, that take you to those places; they will be played by my bosom Friend, the Indian – Marko Sanchez.

Jarosław Michał Sobczak – entrepreneur who has realized many business projects and international transactions, man of many passions and interests. An explorer, curious about the world, its taste and smell, always on the lookout for the large and small – Magic Moments of the World….