Michał Gayer Exhausted Body, Eyes Closed

We cordially invite you to join us and the artist Michał Gayer celebrate the opening of his solo show Exhausted Body, Eyes Closed The exhibition is hosted by the andel’s Hotel Kraków and Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG.
The exhibition has been organized in partnership with the Monopol Gallery in Warsaw.

Opening : 29.09.2016, 7 pm

The curator of the exhibition Anna Ciabach

The exhibition Exhausted Body, Eyes Closed is a reference to an artistic experiment, the starting point of which was a performance that Michał Gayer gave once in GdańskMichał-Gayer-Stanie-na-suficie-2016-tusz-papier-508x406mm in a parking lot in front of an abandoned building. After a busy day, the artist sat down in a driver’s seat and for a long time concentrated on his physical and mental reactions, jotting down his perceptions. These moments weren’t seen by anybody else, therefore an objective image or sound recording of the event doesn’t exist. Everything happened in the body of the artist, whose mind processed the stimuli received by the exhausted senses and formulated a literary description of these events in real time. Later on, the text became the basis of a diagram drawing which captured the most import_ant moments of the “session.” The opening of the exhibition itself will be the next stage of this performative experiment. It will reveal the new versions of the recording as well as interpretations of a similar event.
Exhausted Body, Eyes Closed is an exhibition about communication – in a very original sense of the word. It’s a show about the way our body can inform us about the state it’s in, how we read our psychophysical condition, what is created when we try to express it to others – their senses in turn interpreting the message we’ve sent? In a sense it is also an attempt to search for the sources of emotions and experiences that trigger us off to create.
What creates an interesting context here is the hotel space – a space used to chill out, the design of which aims to relax the body and mind of a tired guest.
Michał Gayer is an artist-trickster who constantly reverses the meanings and interpretations of his work. When, for example, he portrays the “Cowbey Cowboji,” he becomes the modern equivalent of a cowboy, who simultaneously questions and contemplates the transience of urban life. On another occasion, when he restored the room of his younger sister (Living in Younger Sister’s Room, 2011) he became a zealous reconstructor of the scraps of everyday life which are constantly being filtered by our awareness.
He is also interested in the boundary states of the human body and mind. The extreme example of this exploration was a performance Standing on the Ceiling (2016), when the artist suspended himself upside down from the gallery’s ceiling, in such a way that the viewers could notice only after a while an inverted human figure that turned out not to be a mannequin.
Michał Gayer was born in 1984 and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. To classify him as a multimedia artist is definitely misleading, because he is an artist who with astonishing liberty employs all possible means and tools of art, from the classical ones, like painting and drawing, to the surprising solutions of craftsmanship and engineering.