Magic Moments: the Antipodes

We cordially invite you to join us and the artist Michał Sobczak to celebrate the opening of the show Magic Moments: the Antipodes The exhibition is hosted by the andel’s Hotel Łódź and Warimpex Finanz- und Beteiligungs AG, as part of the project ANDEL’S PHOTO.
Opening 23.01.2016
Exhibition 24.01-26.02.2016

Opening reception at the Hotel andel’s Łódź, ul. Ogrodowa 17

The ‘antipodes’ is a name used to refer to a place on the Earth’s surface which is opposite to where you are. To me, such a faraway corner of the world are the continent of Australia and the islands of New Zealand.

Australia: through the airplane’s window, it looks like a giant red island surrounded by an azure ocean and, from the east, the world’s largest coral reef that can even be seen from outer space.
The island – a continent larger than Europe as well as the United States of America (excluding Alaska), where time stands still, where you can look at and even touch the history of our planet, where geological forms hundreds of millions of years old are nothing unusual, a natural habitat for fascinating animals you won’t encounter anywhere else.

A country full of places created by eruptions of dozens of volcanoes, and sites where you’ll find incredible amounts of amazing minerals, rocks, and monoliths.
Both the magnificent scenery and the people who live there, joyful, smiling, full of positive solar energy make this continent a truly unique place.

Tasmania: fabulous island, where time flows differently, where life slows down, an island so far away from our everyday frantic hustle and bustle, and so close to nature, with all its eye-opening immense beauty of the wild and open space…

New Zealand: two great islands – a northern and a southern one – which are like a miniature world, where all climatic zones have been condensed into one relatively small place. Deciduous trees and conifers, palm groves and a tropical rainforest with ferns larger than our oaks; glaciers, waterfalls, deserts, geysers, volcanoes and spaces, spaces where you won’t encounter any human being for thousands of kilometers, where you can get lost, only to find yourself…
And the Maori, brave, proud peoples….
I would like to share with you the atmosphere of these places,
the climate enchanted in the photos,
come and look….,
rejoice in….,
the World’s Magic Moments !

Jarosław Michał Sobczak – entrepreneur who has realized many business projects and international transactions, man of many passions and interests. An explorer, curious about the world, its taste and smell, always on the lookout for the large and small – Magic Moments of the World….
Two things can make a person richer and better –
Travelling is the only thing we pay for
that can make us richer.
And selflessly helping the needy
makes us better people.

I’d like to combine these two objectives.
That’s the reason why I’m going to
throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover*,
I’ll catch the World’s Magic Moments on my camera,
and share my adventures with you…
The photographs will support charity.

*Mark Twain