Łódź Kaliska The Return OF THE Quivering Machines

The Grand Reception/ Opening 27.10.2016, 7 PM

Curator Małgorzata Dzięgielewska

As the city quivering with human hustle and bustle, the activity and roar of textile machinery, Łódź is a world of the past, totally forgotten by many. It’s a world which nevertheless still determines the nature of this place, as this was the time of its greatest glory. This project refers to this era: ŁÓDŹ KALISKA is here, for the first time, openly reflective and nostalgic. The machines, covered with shrouds, wait for the return of their owners, to come back to life, to once again be needed. It’s no coincidence that this time they are waiting at the andel’s Hotel Łódź where, with each step, we encounter the history of the city and its machines which, together with the people, used to constitute its quintessence. The former weaving mill is teeming with life, after years of dead silence you can hear the bustle again; but that’s a different kind of noise now, the world of the machines has changed forever and yet they returned to the place where they used to work, and now, like the ghosts of a bygone era, they remind us of themselves and their people …
ŁÓDŹ KALISKA – an art group founded in 1979, it has worked without interruption ever since. Its members include: Marek Janiak, Andrzej Kwietniewski (until 2007), Adam Rzepecki, Andrzej Świetlik, and Makary Wielogórski. Initially neo-avantgarde, later on more dadaist, Łódź Kaliska has created photographic works, experimental films, happenings and performances. Sarcastic and provocative, the artists have always commented through their works (sometimes viciously) on the Polish artistic, social, and religious reality, exposing and ridiculing the stupidity, the hypocrisy, the lack of content and, in recent times, also the progressive consumerism. Under the hood of humor, absurdity, scandal and provocation, the artists force the viewer to the, often bitter, moment of reflection on our contemporary world, earning themselves through this a crowd of devoted admirers, and an equally large number of fierce enemies. The most import_ant pieces of the group include: the manifesto SZTUKI ŻENUJACEJ, the film and painting FREIHEIT, NEIN DANKE!, the periodical TANGO, the installation CZYSTA SZTUKA / PURE ART, the project ORLICA / THE EAGLE LADY (for the Polish edition of the Playboy magazine), projects TRYUMF / THE TRIUMPH, INSTRUKCJA ZABIJANIA SZTUKI / HOW TO KILL ART, ALEMENTARZ, NIECH SCZEZNĄ MĘŻCZYŹNI / MAY MEN ROT. Łódź Kaliska’s works are in the collections of the Museum of Art in Łódź, the National Museum in Wrocław, the Atlas Sztuki gallery in Łódź and in many private collections.