The andel’s Hotel Cracow is the first boutique hotel under the andel’s brand in Poland. It is distinguished by its modern architecture and unique interiors by the British design duo Jestico + Whiles: sleek lines, expressive color, and plenty of light. The andel’s Hotel Cracow was ranked 1st among the Top Hotels in Poland (Zoover Awards 2012) and received numerous other awards, including the Trendiest Hotel in Poland Award (Traveller’s Choice 2012-2013)
The hotel houses a permanent collection of pieces by renowned Polish artists, among others Iwona Siwek-Front, Leszek Misiak, Teresa Tuła-Pająk, Jacek Sroka, Małgorzata Borek, Leszek Bartkiewicz, and Sabina Woźnica.
Apart from this, the hotel holds art shows on a regular basis. To name some of the most recent ones: exhibition of portraits by Zofia Nasierowska, Sabina Woźnica’s pieces, the best celebrity photos published in the last 15 years in VIVA Magazine, and VIVA! Photo Awards 2013.