ANDEL’S ART BOOK is a guide to the extraordinary collection of contemporary art displayed in a modern hotel located in the nineteenth-century Izrael Poznański’s factory buildings in Łódź, Poland. ANDEL’S ART BOOK includes profiles of twenty artists, the authors of almost two hundred works showcased in the andel’s Hotel interiors: from Dominik Lejman, through Maurycy Gomulicki, up to Zuzanna Lazarova; as well as Michał Przeździk’s photographs taken in the interiors where the pieces have been on display. There’s also an interview with the founder, initiator and patron of the collection Alexander Jurkowitsch, an essay by art critic Martin Krasny which explores possible ways to interpret the meanings of the realizations presented in the book, the story of the hotel’s architectural design written by the mastermind behind it, architect Wojciech Popławski, and a foreword by the curator of the collection Lucyna Sosnowska. ANDEL’S ART BOOK, carefully designed by graphic designer Ania Nałęcka, is an original and elaborate masterpiece addressed to collectors, contemporary art lovers, art historians, as well as anyone else interested in exploring visual culture in its most fascinating aspects.