Vienna House Andel’s Łódż, belonging to the largest Austrian hotel chain, continues the heritage of art and invites you to the Andel’s Art exhibition series. 

Michał Mąka DIGITAL GODS – can a digital error inspire?

If there is an artist who can be described without hesitation as an icon of new art, then it is definitely Michał Mąka. Interdisciplinary, revealing, escaping simple classifications. A citizen of the world, and faithful to Kalisz in his heart, where he was born thirty years ago. Michał Mąka deals with painting, workshop graphics and street art. He often carries out artistic projects in abandoned post – industrial buildings. In the latest compositions he refers to the aesthetics of „glitch art”, graffuturism” and kinetic art. The DIGITAL GODS exhibition presents the artist’s latest works. Pictures are a provocative combination of artistic images of gods with phenomenal known to us from digital reality. Already on 25 of September at 19:00 at the Andel’s Art Gallery during the opening you will be able to meet the artist. The exhibition in the lobby of the Vienna House Andel’s Łódź, Ogrodowa Street 17 will be open until 16 of October.

To the exhibition invite you


Maurycy Gomulicki

ANDEL’S ART is a project realized by the Vienna House hotel chain. It consists of a series of contemporary art exhibitions of artists whose works are distinguished by their high artistic and intellectual value, as well as emphasize the concept of the Vienna House Andels Łódź as a place where art and architecture play a special role. ANDEL’S ART began five years ago at the Vienna House Andels Łódź. Today, it has expanded to three out of four existing Vienna House Andels hotels: Łódź, Kraków, and Berlin. ANDEL’S ART includes three series of exhibitions: group shows – the curatorial ANDEL’S QUARTER, and solo shows – ANDEL’S PHOTO and ANDEL’S PRESENTS.